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mcginnis_style; it's a hooligans heaven
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This community was created by, owned by and moderated by _______forfeit and hooliganbunny. Feel free to worship us for this. Why? We radiate awesomeness, that's why, maggots.
This community is for the real punks 'n' skins. And all you rockabilly types out there. This community was created for punks, skins and rockabillies to coexist with one another without the "skin heads are racist" and "i love good charlotte" bull shit. Plus, we don't let 'tards in this community, and that's a plus too. Don't like it? Join one of those "we love everybody" communities and tell them how wicked and evil we are. Make our day! Free advertising is always welcome.
Now, that aside. If you think you're punk, or you think you're a skin or rockabilly, this community might not be the place for you if you follow under any of the following categories. And please note. If you manage to sneak into this community, and you don't belong here? You will be banned, and publicly humiliated. And for all you retards out there, that means we will have a good laugh at your expense.

You don't belong here if :
001. We think you're a douche bag.
002. You listen to crappy music (Yes, that is purely opinion based, but Bunny's and Leia's opinions are the "be all; end all "of cool. Get used to it.)
003. You pay 80 dollars for a t-shirt.
004. You don't love beer. We'll kick you out over that one.
005. Your idea of a fun night doesn't include a brawl.
006. yOU tYpE lIkE tHiS!!11!!1!!
007. Hot Topic. Enough said.
008 You happen to think "OMG Benji Is sooooo hawtt" or other types of stupid shit. "Boy Punk Bands" are the enemy. Duh.
009. If you can't spell out complete words. "How r u doin 2nght." This anything that resembles this will get you banned. You can bet your ass on it.
010. Not everyone can spell perfectly, but if you're going to post, at least either give your post a look before you send it, or use the magic button called "spell check." Quality above quantity. We don't care how much you can type, and how many fancy words you can use. Repetitive posts get on our nerves.
011. This community is not a place to get "hook ups." We are not a dating service.
012. If you are, know, have dated, had sex with, or in any way affiliated with Joe Gillispie. DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY!
013. Also, please note this is a drama free zone. We don't care if your boy friend dumped you or if you want to kill yourself. There are plenty of other communities out there that cater to such sniveling little emos that want to sit around and romanticize wilted roses. Start drama and we will break your goddamn legs.

Don't like our rules? Don't join.

That said...join the damn community.

Also. Don't introduce yourself with your entire life's history. A simple. "Hi, I'm so and so, and I like such and such" Is fine. We don't want to hear about your greant aunt Edna. We didn't know you to begin with and we won't realize when you're gone. Or when you're banned. And frankly? We don't care.

Oh Yeah. Go fuck yourself.

The Hero & ***The Other Guy***
"McGinnis Style"
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