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mcginnis_style; it's a hooligans heaven

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[11 Jul 2005|05:47pm]

i thought some of you might be instrested in ringtones from epitaph bands for your cell phone. i saw an ad for this a few days ago. "It works with most ATT, Cingular, and Tmobile service. Standard text messaging rates apply." all you have to do is send a text message to 73804 with the word "EPITAPH". i got a Time Bomb-Rancid and For Boston-Dropkick Murphys tone! they have a whole bunch of other bands too, you should check it out!

(put your teeth on the curb)

[14 May 2005|05:06pm]

Names Dan, I like street, hardcore and other crap. Some bands you might listen to that I like are:

Broken Bones, Disorder, DMZ, The Varukers, Girl School, The English Dogs, Chaotic Dischord, Toxic Narcotic, Napalm Death, the Germs, Global Chaos, The Low Budgets, the Adicts, Minor Threat, and the NY Dolls to keep it brief.

Last night I saw the NY Dolls at the Trocadero in Philly. the opening act, The Union Dead blew, but the Dolls were awesome, I got two picks from Sylvain and they even played a new song (maybe it's not a new song, i'm not that good with song names) called "We're All In Love"

It was fun, several drag queens showed up to rock the show and Sylvain tried to get the females to sing, ended up being me and like 10 other guys singing with him and he admitted that it's cool, he's known to experiment which was awesome.

I have some dyslexia so if i screw up the whole spelling gig or use a word that doesn't fit, don't get too frustrated. thanks.

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fag [19 Jan 2005|08:04pm]

[ mood | sexual ]

Why hello there.

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VIVA LOS HOOLIGANOS [10 Aug 2004|10:40pm]


This is me & my friends community,but...well... it's for HOOLIGANS!


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[07 Apr 2004|03:24pm]

ok, so as you now know Im a dumbfuck

Im from PDX, I drink to much

straight guy, like girls with leather

favorite bands: Mad Sin, The Business, The Lower Class Brats, Oppressed, A global threat

got my very own Oi!-psycho band

yeah ok sorry

Im in greaser-punk-skin limbo

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[23 Mar 2004|03:13pm]


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le test [21 Dec 2003|12:26am]

fuck it.

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